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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Walkathon Organised To Raise Public Awareness On Eye Donation

World Sight Day 2019 – 10th October
Theme – Vision First

In order to raise awareness on importance of eye donation and curb down the instances of preventable blindness, India’s largest Eye Care Hospital, Centre For sight in association with Various Ngo’s organised a 3 Km walkathon on the occasion of World Sight Day.

Over 200 local residents participated in the walkathon organised by Centre For Sight in association with Indian Youth Club, Laughter Club, Morning Walker Assoc, Kalpvriksh- Ek Chota Prayas, Sanjhi Mahila Vikas Samittee, Global College, Trust Foundation, Netraheen Sewa Sansthan, New Merry School, AG-1 Welfare Association, Signs TTK & Mission Crime Free India NGO.

The main aim of the walkathon and nukkad natak was to make people aware of the importance of eye donation, creating awareness about preventable corneal blindness and encouraging the benevolent act of eye donation.

“There being a dearth of eye donation in India, the burden of blindness is still piling up. In comparison to other countries, where over 80% of the population donates their organs including eyes, only 1% of the Indian population undertake voluntary cadaver organ donation. The clear tissue covering the front of the eye, known as cornea if gets cloudy due to disease, injury, infection or poor nutrition, drastically reduces the vision and gradually leads to blindness. 

While corneal blindness is one of the most common and avoidable blindness can be treated by replacing the damaged cornea with a healthy donated one.” Said Dr Tarun Choudhary, Ophthalmologist, Centre for Sight, Vikaspuri, New Delhi

Bursting the myths that blind people cannot donate their eyes, doctors also revealed that it is possible for them also to donate their eye unless they are suffering from corneal blindness. Corneal blindness affects mainly children and young adults who have a long life ahead.

India contribute a massive 11.2% of its total population, to the global burden of blindness & preventable vision impairment, tallying a figure of 15.12 crore. And through such public centric awareness initiatives taken by Centre For Sight, reinforces the need to involve more and more general public to participate in safeguarding their eye health and understanding the importance of voluntary eye donation.  

New Delhi, INDIA, 9th October 2019

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