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Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha a resident of Madhubani, Bihar broke the World Record for the ‘Fastest Full Contact Kick’ which is an integral part of every Marshal Art form at Erisha Auditorium, Perungudi, Chennai. During his attempt, the fastest speed recorded was 200 milliseconds which was calculated using the values from a Digital Stopwatch.

He attempted the world record within the guidelines of the Guinness World Records (GWR) and all the rules and regulations were followed during the event. The high-speed camera and the common camera for capturing the move were operated by Mango Tree Production House, Chennai. 

The eminent witnesses present there were Mr. Vekteshwara of OMR Taekwondo Dojo Chennai and Mr. Suresh Altran (Aeronautical Engineer). Mr. Sanjeev attempted the record as a member of the OMR Taekwondo Dojo Chennai. The description of the kick is as follows:

Chest level height: 1.25 meters
Timing of the kick: 200 milliseconds (1000 milliseconds = 1 second)
Pressure Generated at the target: 135 kilograms
Speed: 22.5 kmph against the gravitational pull

After beating the world record, Mr. Sanjeev has challenged many world-class athletes at prominent forums at Asian Games 2019, Chinese Martial Arts Week and Karate Association of India to surpass his record for the fastest kick, but none could succeed. He is currently planning to host a press conference before the World Olympics at Tokyo in 2020 and challenge world athletes from different countries in two separate events i.e Rhythmic Gymnastics male event and Taekwondo event where both male and female competitors will be challenged to take up his record.

After achieving this momentous feat Mr. Sanjeev expressed his happiness by saying ‘’It is a proud moment for me and the country as we now hold the world record for the fastest full contact kick. As an athlete, I like challenges and I am going to issue an open challenge before the World Olympics 2020 to the athletes’’

Before achieving this feat Mr. Sanjeev performed a trial version of the kick in February 2016 in which he cleared the chest height in less than 3/4th of a second.

The timing noted in the trail was itself enough to beat the timings of many world-class athletes. In his final attempt, he outperforms his previous timing and took 50 milliseconds less than the quarter of a second.

India, August 2019

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