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Sunday, September 8, 2019

MiGadgets Fast Charging Cable And Fast Charging Adapter – Detailed Review

Using Smartphones and Tablet PCs have become a big necessity in today's life. Doctors, Engineers, Businessmen, Students, Shopkeepers, Service Class People and all others, everyone is using these devices for hours on daily routine according to their needs. Smartphones and Tablets needs power charging adapters and cables. Power Charging Adapters and Cables are an important accessory to make them usable. And it is very much annoying if your Charging Adapter  and Cable takes a long time to charge your smart gadgets. As these smart gadgets are playing a vital role in everyone's life, so, no one can live without it. To charge these devices in less time, fast charging adapters and cable are required. But is that adapter or cable is really fast that you're using....?

Now, I have  a solution to this issue I  actually got Fast Charging Adapter with Fast Charging Cable for my mobile that is from MiGadgets. It is an Indian Accessory Brand and Company's manufacturing unit is located in Manesar plant near Gurugram - Haryana. I am using a Smartphone with Type C charging port having 3600mAh Battery and charging it with my original charging cable and adapter that takes approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes to full charge my phone from 0 to 100%.  

A few days back I got a Fast Charging Adapter with Fast Charging Type-C Cable from MiGadgets Brand and I was surprised to see when my Smartphone charged from 0% to  100% in less 2 hours time (01hr & 55min). 

Thanks to MiGadgets charging adapter and cable are really fast. My original cable tip was also not fitting well in the charging slot. But MiGadgets Charging cable's tip fix well in the slot. Its very safe b'coz if your cable does not fit in the charging slot it may be harmful to your device, sparking may occur when charging that can damage your device. MiGadgets charging adapter and cable not only fast but build quality also very good and I like it as it saves my time to charge my device. 

MiGadgets charging cable comes in 1 Meter length and it is a 4 core - 0.4mm - aluminium shielded - tinned - copper wire with capability to pass 5Volts/ 2.4Ampere current through it. It is a USB 2.0A Type C Cable that looks durable with PVC Jacket. It not only charge but it also supports Fast Data Transfer Rate up to 480Mbps according to brand and these specifications makes it a very useful accessory for your daily use. So, I would recommend this Fast Charging Adapter and Fast Charging Cable, if you are looking for a good quality fast charging cable & fast charging power adaptor. 

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