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The Delhi city witnessed a vibrant book launch event at the Red Kettle Café, Saket on Sep 8, 2019. The event was conducted by Flipping Pages ( )- A marketing start-up regarding literary field led by Ms. Tushti Bhatia and Mr. Arpan Ghosh. Three books – Pink Gender by Anandjit Goswami, Lucy And The Train by Anandjit Goswami and Lucy Meets Artificial Intelligence by Anandjit Goswami and Debashish Chakraborty, had been launched at the same event. 

It was a fun filled session. The café was crowded with the presence of bloggers, reviewers, readers and the other persons who are directly or indirectly involved with literary field. The event was chaired by the chief guest, Mr. Tanmay Dubey, the bestselling author of “Just Six Evenings”, “Amigos” and “The Red Line”.

The Red Kettle Café carried out the evidence of the bonding between authors and readers. As we know, any author can write books without readers but do the words really mean anything if the work remains unread and unexplored. Readers are the valuable gift to the authors. Reader is a pillar of success of an author. A book is written to be read. Without readers there would have been no authors. So, authors and readers are interdependent to each-other. Author-Reader relationship is one of the best relationships the world ever has.

It was observed that readers were very much interactive with the authors and both of the authors were paying attention to each and every question of the readers. The interactive session between authors and readers took this event to another level of success. Audience were very keen to know more about the authors and their books.

The event was started by cutting the ribbon and opening the books after removing the gift wrapped paper and it was ended by the book signing session and photo-shoot. Everyone came one by one to the author for book signing.

Moreover, it was a successful event. It ended with happy faces all around. This event taught us that reading is as important as food for living healthy physically, mentally, and psychologically. Reading more books helps us gain more knowledge and even one can travel across the world through books. 

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