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72 Networks: A Tech Platform Bridging The Gap Between OEM’s And MFC’s To Generate Businesses And Enhancing Rural Lives

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The last-mile delivery is now being taken as one of the primary missions by the e-commerce giants. Companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy etc are spending a hefty amount to reach out to their end consumers especially living in remote areas.

Instead of all the efforts, these tech giants are still working to decode the last mile delivery options in tier-3,4 cities and rural areas. The geographical locations of these places are still a big challenge which they would like to overcome in the near future.

In the same context, 72 Networks a PAN India distribution house specializing in Last-Mile Delivery with special focus on Rural Areas is opening up new options for OEM’s now. They act as a rural e-commerce enabler connecting microfinance institutes (MFIs, Lending Companies) etc, and OEMs like Samsung, Xiaomi etc, to reach out to get customers from rural India - Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4. In simple words it sells OEM products via the loan they get from MFIs (for example Muthoot Finance). 

Few of their happy MFC Clients are Fullerton India, Fusion Microfinance, Satin, Arohan etc and few of there OEM partners are Samsung, Motorola, MI, Nokia, Godrej etc.

Unlike traditional distribution, 72 Networks relies on cutting edge technology to be the cornerstone for driving business. Their primary competitive advantage is their extensive network set up with a ”No ODA Concept” to deliver to every pin code in the 11 states across 46 warehouses that were set up in a short span of 11 months.

Established by seasoned professionals with 50+ man years of experience in the enterprise space from companies like Samsung, Microsoft, Dell & HP they are positioned to play the niche service provider exclusively for enterprise mobility and security. 

Till date, they have made about 1,32,000 individual rural deliveries since inception across the country and have closed the FY 2018-19 with a positive top line of INR 70 crores. They are excited to get into the next growth phase of their business which is to use technology - primarily AI as a tool to drive the business thereby achieve higher profitability and reach 300 Crores of business in FY 2019-20.

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