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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

#BeBetterEveryDay With cure.fit On Amazon Echo Devices

Book your favourite classes across cult centres through Alexa
Access exclusive list of meditation series and begin your journey towards Mindfulness at Home

India’s leading healthcare brand, cure.fit is now available as an Alexa skill on all Amazon Echo and Alexa-enabled devices. The cure.fit skill for Alexa lets users book classes across cult centres with a simple voice command. After setting location preference on the class booking screen on the cure.fit app, Alexa will be able to provide class availability and options for the user to choose. Additionally, users also have access to guided meditation series available under the MINDFULNESS AT HOME section.

This voice-based skill can be enjoyed on all Amazon Echo devices, with and without screen, as well as any Alexa built-in device. It can also be accessed on the free Alexa app for iOS and Android smartphones.

Using simple voice commands such as "Alexa, ask cure fit to book boxing class today at 7pm", users can ensure that their journey towards fitness is uninterrupted and seamless. Classes can also be scheduled on a later date, basis the availability with the ask of “Alexa, ask cure fit to book dance fitness class on 18th August”.

Unsure of what class to go for? Ask Alexa to list what is available with an ask like “Alexa, ask cure fit what classes are available tomorrow”. It’s easy to know about classes at a particular day or time, with “Alexa, ask cure fit what classes are available at 9 am” or “Alexa, ask cure fit what classes are available today at 7pm”

For guided meditation through sleep, focus, stress reduction and more, users can ask “Alexa, ask cure fit to play focus meditation” to begin the mindfulness journey at home at convenience.

13 August 2019

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