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Bumble And MagicLabDebut Voice Calls & Video Chat In App As An Unprecedented Advance In User Safety And Connection

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Bumble users can now have a near “real life” connection experience in a setting that’s safe, secure and saves them time and money

Bumble, the woman-first social connection app with over 60 million users worldwide, today launched Bumble Voice Calls & Video Chat, a new product feature that advances the safety and connection of its users in a manner never before seen in the digital connection space.

Users can now voice and/or video call each other within the Bumble app without exchanging personal contact info, such as a phone number or email, and have a close to “real life” connection experience without exhausting all the time and expense associated with dating and meeting in person.

To activate Bumble Voice Calls & Video Chat, users who have matched and have initiated a text chat conversation will now see a handset and video icon to instantly enable the feature. Users do not need to exchange any contact information or personal data in order to call each other within Bumble, and the voice and video content is immediately deleted and never archived. 

If a user is not currently using the Bumble app and receives a voice or video call, a push notification will be delivered to alert the user about the incoming call.

In addition to enhancing user safety, Voice Calls & Video Chat will also offer Bumble users added convenience in being able to have a more real life experience before ever taking the time to meet someone new in person.

Bumble Voice Calls & Video Chat was developed by MagicLab, which builds and owns Bumble along with its founding team.

The launch of Bumble Voice Calls & Video Chat comes on the heels of Bumble recently announcing another dynamic product feature currently in development: Private Detector, which leverages AI and machine learning to instantly detect unsolicited lewd images sent in app and will be live in-app this summer.

Bumble is available for free in the App Store and Google Play.

July 04, 2019

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