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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Best Panasonic “Grooming Gifts” For Dads Who Love Their Style

He might be a man of steel for us- our first super-hero, the one who has the ability to solve all of our problems and who is just a call away every time we need him. Amidst all the responsibilities, our old men forget to take care of themselves. They need their own days out and sometimes a little bit of pampering can make them feel loved. Father, Appa, Baba, Dad--- all of these words are associated with a single emotion of love and strength.

With Panasonic’s wide range of men’s grooming products, this father’s day, let your gift speak for your emotions and give your extraordinary man the life of style that he deserves!

panasonic ES-SL41 3

Wet/Dry Shaver for the Cool-Dad-Tribe
With a special Milano Italian design that not only gives this shaver a classy look, but its curved foil surface also fits close to skin with no effort at all to reduce that stubborn stubble. This father’s day, give your cool dad’s the dapper look he deserves with Panasonic’s 3-Blade Wet/Dry Shaver whose 3-blade cutting system with Nano-edge blades give a clean, sharp and close shave, giving your extraordinary man the extraordinary style he deserves!
Model ES-SL41 3
Price: ₹4,995

Let his confidence speak through his style with Panasonic’s Rechargeable Beard and Hair Trimmer!
A hassle-free dial system to adjust the comb up and down into 12 settings, Panasonic’s rechargeable beard and hair trimmer is for the days when it’s either Brad Pitt’s rough look or George Clooney’s besuited gaze. This one’s for the ‘suit-tie’ dads who want their confidence to speak through their style! With its high-precision blade and ergonomic design, this trimmer is convenient and easy to handle and gives extra-precision for a clean trim.
Model ER307
Price: ₹1890

Spruce and crisp style with Panasonic’s Foam Trimmer is the way to go
Let your favorite man style with attitude with Panasonic’s foam trimmer. With a quick adjust dial for easy length 19 settings, this trimmer boasts of precision cutting with a steep edge, thus allowing quick trimming of even thick and hard beard. Planning a dinner party for him? Start with gifting this trimmer to your dad for that spruce and crisp look for the evening. He deserves to look the best on his day, doesn’t he?
 Model ER-GB37
Price: ₹2440

6-in-1 all-over-body Grooming Kit for the Dads- on-the-go!
For the man who made sure that you have everything you need, this all-in-one grooming kit is a perfect gift to express gratitude for everything our fathers do for us. Complete with body and face grooming attachments, this kit is a savior for dads who are always on the go! Make sure you remind him to take his grooming kit on his next business trip.
Model ER-GY10
Price: ₹2895

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