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Saturday, June 29, 2019

PRE-BUDGET QUOTES - Deepak Gupta, CTO & Co-Founder, LoginRadius

"From this year’s budget, we anticipate a strong push to ‘Cyber Safe India’ initiative, especially when it comes to privacy and consent management. With the increasing digital transformation, its necessary to have a process that oversees how companies save citizen data. The focus of such a framework should be cyber security and cyber frauds so as to ensure that organisations prioritise data protection. The impetus will help position India as a global hub for providing cyber security solutions; putting more emphasis on data privacy and security of Indian identities. The Indian citizen data should ideally reside in India.

Government has certainly put India on a digital innovation fast track, A collaborative framework for the public and the private sector will help create 100% digitally enabled services ensuring secure and seamless citizen interactions across service managed by new technologies such as IoT, AI, and analytics."  

Mr.Deepak is the product visionary who built the LoginRadius CIAM platform from scratch. He remains the lead architect behind the platform as it scales globally. He has a MSc in IT and Management from the Illinois Institute of Technology and is passionate about innovation and building scalable systems.

LoginRadius is a cloud based Customer Identity Management platform which empowers businesses to provide secure, delightful experiences for their customers using the most innovative customer identity platform. Essentially, we enable businesses in managing and securing identities. Today, over 100,000 websites are using LoginRadius to reach more than 15 million users a month, along with partnerships with giants such as Amazon, Mozilla and Microsoft.

Today, LoginRadius is recognized as the leading player in the space by Gartner, Forrester, KuppingerCole, and many other analyst firms. Our platform securely manages the complete lifecycle of over 700 million customer identities for over 3,000 businesses, including many Fortune 500 companies.  


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