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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Quote From Sarvatra Technlogies On The New Government

“The new government is definitely welcomed by the fintech industry as well as startups due to their ambitious and enterprising vision for a Digital India. The government has taken up various initiatives to encourage e-payments in India and has worked towards improving digital literacy in the country by improving upon convenience, cost and instilling confidence within the people towards digital transactions.

We expect the new government to take forward the Digital India vision to the next level in the coming five years. We should aim to record ourselves as at least in the top ten list of digitally advanced nations. We hope to see favourable policies by the government which will help the startups to flourish in our country.

There has been a very clear link between the increasing reliance on digital payments and the increase in GDP, and thus, vital steps have to be taken taken to educate people of all sections and inculcate habits of digitization through attractive incentives, underlining the ease of operability and strengthening the security around these systems.

The government has to create a secure, accessible and innovative structure that will allow the Fintechs, Startups and the Digital payments industry to thrive at a booming rate, while also taking measures to nurture innovation to keep up with this rapidly evolving sector.”

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