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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Making Every Vote Count, Dollar Industries Ltd Shows The Way #UngliUthanaFitHaiBoss

The campaign has already witnessed 200 Million viewership across Social Media

Dollar Industries Ltd recently published a series of voting awareness videos on their digital platforms to raise awareness and encourage people to cast their vote, as each vote matters. As the world’s largest democracy goes to vote it was seen that the average turnout in 2014 was 66.38% and that only a meagre 9% of young urban voters actually cast their vote. It is this attitude that we Indians need to change and has been addressed through the campaign films. It is time for us – Indians to raise our finger when it matters the most.

India – the largest democracy is getting geared up for elections and it is seen that a section of the people are not taking effort towards casting their vote, approximately 280 million people did not cast vote in the last election. While people are quick to pass judgement and blame authorities for everything that is wrong, they shrug off their responsibility as a dutiful citizen to go and cast their vote. 
Our campaign addresses this attitude and urges people that this is the time to do something about it, by exercising their right to vote – hence#UngliUthanaFitHaiBoss!

The campaign is already a big success in social media. The total reach of the campaign as of now is 200 million people, over 20 lakh + engagement has happened for 30 million views garnered as on today. This is generating a lot of conversation amongst the youth and is exactly what we wanted to achieve through our campaign said Mr Ankit Gupta, Vice President, Dollar Industries Ltd.

The campaign #UngliUthanaFitHaiBoss primarily caters to the young and first time voters. Social media plays a very important role in influencing youths. Social media in the previous election has proved to play a very significant role in positioning the election campaigns. As per data, currently, 430 million Indians are owning a smartphone. Half a billion of them are using the Internet and 300 million are on Facebook. On a regular basis, 200 million are sending messages on WhatsApp and there are 30 million users on Twitter. 

“The Idea behind this campaign was to connect with the youth. We wanted to make the campaign that is conversational and have an emotional connect on the viewers. Most of us always talk about the problems but never think about the solutions. Through this campaign, we want to communicate that everyone should vote for their rights. 

The success of this campaign, #UngliUthanaFitHaiBoss is largely attributed by the engagement and conversations that are happening on the social media platforms. Mr. Abhishek Pratap Singh, CEO, Digital Abhiyan.

The Campaign has been conceptualised by Lowe Lintas and shot in Mumbai. The Digital Agency isDigital Abhiyan. Chaikhari Films is the production house and Mr. Amit V Pandirkar is the director of the films.

As of Today our total campaign results are as following-

1) Total Campaign reach- 200 Million

2) Total True Views on YouTube- 18 Million

3) Total Video Views on Facebook- 12 Million

4) Total Campaign Engagement- 20 Lakh+

Kolkata, 7th May, 2019

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