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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

SunTec Confluence Dubai Highlights Critical Need For Elevating Customer Experience Through Digital Transformation

Focus on ‘Hollowing the Core’ and ‘Hyper Personalizing the Customer Engagement Layer’

Thiruvananthapuram, April 10, 2019: Digital Transformation is gaining priority for organizations across the globe, the main drivers being the opportunities it presents and the competitive pressure to stay ahead of the digital curve. Banks and other organizations need to go beyond offering customers a product or a service and own the experience instead. This was the highlight of Trivandrum Technopark-based SunTec’s event - ‘SunTec Confluence’, held in Dubai. 

SunTec, the leader in relationship-based pricing and customer experience orchestration, hosted its flagship event, ‘SunTec Confluence’. The theme for this year’s Confluence was “Digital at the Core”, an essential strategy in today’s world, as leading organizations seek to digitally transform, modernize their legacy systems and build a new core that is intelligent, immersive, integrated and invisible – one that can help in creating highly personalized customer experiences.The event was held in Palazzo Versace Dubai, one of the world’s only two Versace owned hotels, near the scenic Dubai Creek and now the world’s topmost digital city.

The event highlight was the keynote address by Brett King, highly acclaimed influencer in financial services, award-winning speaker, co-founder and CEO of Moven. As a futurist, he visualized how four major trends - Artificial Intelligence, Voice based Artificial Intelligence, Smart Glasses and Machine Learning – are changing the ecosystem dynamics and how these will need to be embedded in customer experience journeys across industries like banking, telecom and retail.

The key takeaway from the event was the growing need for organizations to focus on the ‘Customer Experience’part of their Digital Transformation programs. Replacing the core is not a viable option for most banks and this is a big hurdle for modernization projects – but not anymore. 

The SunTec product session demonstrated how banks can adopt a simple approach of Hollowing the core and separating the customer engagement layer to leap-frog the customer experience ladder.This simple yet highly effective strategy enables banks of all types, to exponentially increase their customer experience orchestration capabilities. 

SunTec has been a trusted provider of services to various banks and other enterprises for years. Keeping the event in Dubai highlights SunTec’s growing presence and focus in Middle East, with most leading banks in the region preferring to work with SunTec in meeting VAT regulations as well as moving further in their legacy transformation journey by creating a truly Digital Core. 

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