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Friday, April 12, 2019

Skin Issues, Deeper Than What It Seems: A Study By CureSkin, India’s First AI-based Skincare Mobile Application

We all know how skin issues get worse with time if no proper treatment is given to it in the initial phase. It happens with all of us. The way our skin is exposed to sunrays and environmental toxins in our early years (up to the age of 16), our skin shows the results in the middle-age, and after 40 especially. The more careful you are since the beginning, the better would be your skin in the long run. And to ensure healthy, damage-free, glowing skin, just ensuring a good skincare regime and products are not sufficient. One needs to monitor their unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle.

CureSkin, India’s first AI-based skincare mobile application did a detailed research across their 2 lakhs user-base (who have interacted online on CureSkin app) on the observations, analysis and key insights based on the user behavioural patterns with regards to their skincare. The people who participated are from all over the country, covers both genders, different age-groups and lifestyles.

The key takeaways that can be highlighted from the reports includes:

1. More than 85% of people dealing with skin problems do not consult a doctor and keeps experimenting with different products from the market
2. People end up spending more on store-bought skincare products but refrain from getting a doctor’s opinion
3. People often overlook the composition of the cream and end up using harmful and steroidal products that should not be used without doctor's approval
4. There's little or no awareness on how to deal with sensitive skin: the kind of products to be used, application, etc.
5. From teenage to middle-aged or even in 40s, acne has been a matter of concern. Though it is more common in the former age group, the latter is significantly affected as well

Charu Sharma, the director of dermatology at CureSkin says “When users come onboard CureSkin, we ask if they would call their skin “sensitive”. Specifically, do they experience irritation, burning sensation or redness when applying regular face product. And 62% answered ‘Yes’. Skin sensitivity represents usage of incorrect products / combinations, or wrong methods of application or excessive quantity / frequency. And it is also indicative of the behaviour of trying out various skin-care products finding out what works.”

She added “About 4% of all users who use a cream, are using steroidal cream. Steroidal creams should be used only medical supervision and only for a limited duration. CureSkin supports the fight against steroid abuse. Not sure if what you are using is steroidal cream? You can take just a photo of the cream at to find out if it is safe.”

Another major finding of the report was how people are more inclined towards just getting their skin ‘look’ better rather than understanding the underlying problems and working on them. The study asked for details on the products that the users are already using prior to giving a treatment. Turns out, most people use 2 to 3 skin-care products for their face. Due to India’s consumption led growth, there will be an increasingly higher spend on improving appearance. This behavior clearly shows the scope for a solution that does an accurate visual assessment of the problem and gives targeted treatment and maintenance products under guidance of doctors.

As per the study, the most common skin concerns includes acne/pimples, spots and marks, scars, pigmentation, dull skin, and under eye dark circles. Among all these problems, acnes topped the list with most number of people struggling with it. But these issues does changes with age, like people in their 40s might not have as active acne as the teenagers or people in their 20s might have.

In case you guys are also dealing with skin or hair issues, try to figure out the wrong things that is the reason behind it, and eat healthy. You might also just download the CureSkin app and you will have the expertise of a dermatologist treating your specific skin/hair concern, all in your palmtop. 

CureSkin is a mobile-app used by people all over India to get skin treatments given by doctors, home-delivered. The company was started in India in 2017 by ex-Googlers Guna Kakulapati, Ramakrishna Rajanna and Dr. Charu Sharma. More here:

New Delhi, (India), April 12th

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