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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Platinum Jewellery - Stirred by Art

Rajiv Popley Launches an Art inspired Platinum jewellery collection

In a unique effort, renowned jeweller& a feted Artist Rajiv Popley merges two art forms to bring to you an exquisite line of platinum jewellery inspired by his own collection of paintings. A curated collection that can never be made twice, all originals in rare and precious – Platinum.

Deeply inspired by Salvador Dali, his newest series of oil on canvas models surrealism at its core immersing a spiritual and meditative feature. This new promising series is blended with Hindu culture and the land of Kabir - Kaashi.

One of the most captivating pieces named “Kaashi Nath” is inspired from the tranquil phenomenon at Kashi where the sun rises, the bells ring & the holy fire purifies the air. The yellow sapphire surrounded with rose cuts set in platinum, circled by enamel and baroque pearls symbolises the serenity at Kaashi during the sunrise aarti on the Ganga ghats.

Another riveting piece from this collection is named the “Circle of Life” which embodies the entangled nature of life, death and infinite nature of energy. The flamingos – a powerful animal totem in the spiritual universe, symbolizes the release of old emotions and represents new experiences that journey along the circle of life. 

Taking inspiration from this, is the ethereal pair of earrings crafted in platinum combined with pink gold in alternating design, depicting eternity. The flamingo wings are fabricated in Platinum & Rose gold embedded with Rose Cut Solitaires outlined with hallow of brilliant cut diamonds.

This piece of art also extends inspiration to another striking pendant symbolic of the blue moon in the painting. As the blue moon glows in the light of the Sun, while the flamingos dance sapphire set in pink gold dangles from the radial star of marquise rose cuts set in platinum centred with yellow sapphire.

This doha entrancingly translates into a piece of jewellery symbolic of victory of the spirit over the senses, of intelligence & wisdom, of knowledge. Blue petals woven onto blue enamel unfurl to reveal the lustre of the diamonds set with pristine pearls

Rare and precious, platinum jewellery is truly a perennial artist favourite. All over the world, designers prefer precious platinum to create master pieces because of its versatility, and because it is the most secure setting for any precious gemstone. It’s no surprise that Rajiv chose the rarest of metals Platinum to interpret his artwork

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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