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Get set to celebrate the festival of colours like never before with Amazon.in

It is the time of the year to splash some excitement and paint the town not just red but green, blue, yellow and pink! Dipped in hues, the Holi look has always been worth sharing and celebrating. Keep your Holi mains ready and go for a carefree gala with some must have organic colours, mobile protection covers, splash proof speakers and more. The Amazon.in Holi Store helps you be on-point this Holi with all essentials you need to make it a memorable one. Start the party with the classic thandai, music, outfit and let loose to celebrate with each other this Holi!

Tank up thandai, swing to music, feast on the sweets and snacks and have a colour blast with your friends and family. Beat the scorching heat with the ever-refreshing home-made ‘Thandai’ as you celebrate togetherness and endless conversations. Select from a variety of Thandai Masalas available on the Amazon.in Holi store and let this Holi be about “kuch thanda ho jaaye”.

Click! Click! Click! Don’t shy away from showing off your coloured faces. Catch all the action and create memories for life. Be fearless as Amazon.in Holi store has a range of waterproof cameras that are the best to capture the water fight fun and colour pop all around. A 4K Ultra HD Action Camera, 100 feet waterproof, the PROCUS RUSH is designed to withstand extreme environments and fun scenes.

Ever imagined Holi without colours? Well, don’t! Pack your holi kit with a range of organic colours and enjoy a safe Holi. From garden green to lavender purple, Amazon.in Holi Store has it all to make your Holi a super colourful one. Check out the Vegetal Lustrous Herbal Gulal 400Gm,Pack Of 5 Natural Holi Colors and go organic.

Don’t spend time staring at your wardrobe wondering what you want to wear, this Holi! Amazon.in Holi store has everything you need to sport a classic Holi look in white base and colour splashes. Chikan clothes, all-whites, colorful bandanas, washable shoes, there is something for everyone’s taste from traditional to western, your OOTD can’t be nothing but the best! Available for men and women.

Summers and Holi makes it even more important to keep your skin hydrated and pampered. Skip the usual and indulge in a more effective and paraben free skincare regime making you feel rejuvenated and fresh as ever. The Amazon.in Holi store has an exquisite line up of Fabeya natural skincare gels that have been formulated from the bio care natural science of skincare. So think no more, and show some self-love.

No party is real without good music. Don’t miss out on all the fun only because you are worried to carry heavy speakers in the range of your pichkaris. Look up for some interesting portable speaker options on the Amazon.in Holi store that are not just extra with the sound but also splash proof. Check out the Sony Extra BASS Portable Splash-proof Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth to liven up the scene. Be the life of the party and brag about your taste for good technology this Holi!

Isn’t your smartphone your most prized possession? Well, don’t worry, Amazon.in Holi store has a smart hack ready to keep it safe all throughout the Holi party. Put it in the user-friendly Zaar Waterproof Mobile Pouch Case, use it like usual- message, call, take pictures and everything without even removing it. Keep it smart, keep it safe!

Holi is all about celebrating the positivity and eliminating the negativity in and around you. To all those who take a few minutes out and thank the almighty for all they have, Amazon.in Holi store provides a range of stylish, antique and beautifully designed Puja thalis to adorn your prayer rooms. Check out the Silver Plated Pooja And Thali Set to celebrate Holika Dahan in style.

Ever wondered how magical it would be if the shirt was water repellent? Amazon Launchpad provides you with a variety of intelligent apparel that are stain repellent, anti-odour and anti- wrinkle that makes you look stylish as ever. What better than wear a Turms water repellent t-shirt and enjoy this Holi no holds barred.

Make this a no compromise Holi as cleaning up could not have been easier ever before. Get the task force ready, put on your armour and start with the most dreaded post-Holi cleaning routines. Amazon.in Holi store has a wide selection of cleaning tools and supplies like floor cleaners, mops, scrubbers, and water pipes that have your back through your cleaning spree. So, pick up the Gala Popular Spin mop with easy wheels and bucket and ‘Think Tidy’.

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