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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Helo’s Inspirational Women’s Day Campaign

Generates Over 166 Million Views

Regional social media platform brings together celebrities, creators and media houses to celebrate female empowerment

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Helo, India’s leading regional social media platform, launched a campaign named ‘Inspirational Women's Day’, which saw over 20 celebrities, 200 creators as well as 50 media partners sharing their views on female empowerment as conveyed in 14 Indian languages.

In line with Helo’s mission to enable real desis to better express themselves, the campaign encouraged users to post content that salute women who dared to stand up, speak up and fight for equality.

To ensure further relevance, the campaign also featured localized hashtags in Hindi such as महिलाओं को Helo सलामनारीशक्तिनारी सम्मान नारी गौरव,  नारीअभिमान!!!. To further encourage user engagement, Helo offered an opportunity to boost the top 5 selected posts and accounts with the most inspirational messages.

For International Women’s Day alone, Helo received more than 166 million impressions and 5.5 million interactions for this campaign. In terms of number of conversations and interactions in local languages, Hindi topped the list with 100 million followed by 28 million in Tamil, 8.5 million and 8.3 million form Telugu and Malayalam respectively, and Kannada generating 7.4 million.

Powered by machine learning technology and robust analytics, Helo offers relevant content recommendations that are customised as per every user's content consumption preferences. With its easy-to-use interface, Helo also offers content in a more compelling, visually immersive way.

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