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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Blueair Identifies Ways To Avoid The Resurgent H1N1 Virus And Protect Loved Ones

India has witnessed an alarming increase in the number of people getting affected due to swine flu this year, accounting for more than 19,000 cases and more than 600 deaths, since the beginning of the year.

Since 2009, when H1N1 virus outburst globally, the influenza strain has been troubling Indians every year, recording almost thousands of infection cases and claiming hundreds of lives almost every year. The worst years in terms of the number of cases and deaths have been 2015, 2017 and now, looking at the cases, it could be 2019 too. While this contagious virus can infect everyone, children with mild illness, pregnant women, and people aged 65 years or older, are the most vulnerable to this disease.

Swine Flu being a contagious disease can spread easily through air. Therefore, it becomes crucial to keep oneself and his/her surroundings clean. While vaccination, covering one's mouth while sneezing and wearing a mask can help to an extent, it is also important to keep the air around clean.

According to a test carried out by an independent, accredited test institute CAS Test Technical Services in China, the Blueair Classic series removes H1N1 influenza A/PR8/34 with a clearance rate of over 99.99% in 60 minutes.
With the cold and flu season in full swing, one needs to use all the aids available to avoid getting infected, to boost immune systems and to clean the air from harmful germs. Here are a few tips that could help avoid the seasonal flu:

1. Wash hands frequently

2. Disinfect keyboards, phones and surfaces regularly

3. Avoid close contact with sick people

4. Avoid touching mouth, nose, and eyes

5. Get sufficient sleep, as it can boost the immune system

6. Avoid stress as it can lower immunity defences

7. Keep rooms at home and work well-ventilated

8. Use an indoor air purifier rated for 99.97% of virus and bacteria removal.

Blueair is a world-leading producer of air purification solutions for home and professional use. Founded in Sweden, Blueair delivers innovative, best-in-class, energy-efficient products and services sold in over 60 countries around the world. Blueair is part of the Unilever family of brands.

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NEW DELHI, March 28, 2019

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