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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Airbnb Celebrates Women Hosts Who Power Our Community

• Women hosts in India earned US$10 million (Rs.74 crore) in 2018
• Airbnb India has seen a whopping 32.53% increase in women hosts last year 

This International Women’s Day, Airbnb is celebrating the enterprising essence of our female Host community with ‘She Travels, She Hosts’, an ode to women entrepreneurs, their inspirational journeys and how travel has played a crucial role in their lives.

Leveraging their individual and innate passion for hospitality, women make up a majority of Airbnb Home Hosts (55%) and Experience Hosts (50%) worldwide; earning nearly US$32 billion on Airbnb since the company was launched in 2008.

In India, Airbnb has seen a whopping 32.53% increase in women hosts between 2018 and 2019 with the largest number of women hosting in Goa, followed by Mumbai and Bangalore. Each female Host in India typically earns close to US$1,323 (approximately Rs. 93,800), leading to an estimated total income of approximately US$10 million (Rs. 74 crore) in 2018.

“For me, travel has always been more than just discovering new places. Amidst the constant bustle of this fast-paced world, travel gives me a sense of liberation and peace of mind. I find that I have time to focus on my thoughts and put things in perspective. I think it's a common misconception that solo travel isn’t fun, but the sheer sense of empowerment it grants is beyond comparison,” Dia Mirza - Actor, Producer, UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador.

Airbnb’s pioneering collaboration with SEWA, an organization representing close to 2 million self-employed women living mostly in India’s rural areas, has been thriving since its inception in 2016. In a bid to promote tourism to quaint, rural locations of the country, this initiative inspired a much grander goal, that is to empower SEWA members to pursue their passions and earn a sustained livelihood, by becoming Airbnb Hosts.

This partnership has witnessed a wave of entrepreneurial fervor that is truly inspiring. To date, SEWA hosts on Airbnb have earned more than US$15,000 and hosted over 500 guests from across Asia, USA and Europe.

Following their love for travel, Airbnb has empowered countless inspiring women to use its digital platform to support their families, meet new people and experience cultures from across the globe, even if they haven’t had the opportunity to travel overseas themselves.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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