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Monday, February 11, 2019

Roses Are Passé, Play It Cool And Gift Your Babe Something Thoughtful

Valentines’ Day is around the corner and so is the pressure of gifting your special someone the perfect gift. This Valentine’s Day go beyond the traditional chocolates and love-struck cupids and choose a device that brings comfort and utility to the life of your loved ones. While many of us are still stuck finding that ideal gift, look no further as Panasonic brings some great easy-breezy options that will surely make your loved one feel extra special, and your day a memorable one.

Daily Nail Care KitTo give a touch of magic to her fingertips, this single gadget gives a perfect shape, buff, groom, and finish to your nails.Priced at Rs. 2,595

Panasonic SeekitLooking for ways to keep your Valentine’s belongings safe? The investing on Panasonic Seekit is the right thing for you as this portable and sleek Bluetooth tracker creates a two-way communication between the user and their valued items. An IoT based utility product- Panasonic Seekit empowers the user to simply tag their valuables, connect to the Seekit smartphone app and find them without any hassle. The device is a result of extensive research of consumer behaviour, where the solution uses IoT to safeguard valuables through Panasonic’s smartphone app while harnessing the power of Bluetooth.

In order to create a smart and connected ecosystem, Seekit is another step towards developing technologically. Seekit Edge priced at INR 1599 and Seekit Loop priced at INR 1299.

Bluetooth Sport Earphones: Gift your loved one the perfect training partner - the all new power-packed RP-BTS50. It marries together uncompromising sound quality and portability with an aesthetic design, waterproofing technology and safety lighting. The earphones have a round-the-ear 3D-Flex Hanger which is a perfect facilitator for exercising and can be freely bent, providing a comfortable and optimal fit whilst not inhibiting your quest to burn calories. The BTS-50 also comes equipped with a Bluetooth function that eliminates cable hassles. Priced at Rs. 8,499                               

BouncyStyle™ Hair DryerThe stylish gift for your lady love. The ultimate do-it-yourself tool comes with a bouncy style comb for a natural yet salon-style finish. It is an all-in-one device to create straight hair, maintain wavy hair and increase volume around the jaw line, or at the crown of the head for that perfect V-Day date.  Priced at Rs 1,435

P100: P100 is a stylish and beautifully crafted phone that comes with a host of smart features. It is equipped with 1.4 μm pixel size Rear Camera that captures clear and sharp pictures and its multi-mode feature allows to enhance pictures according to their mood. A perfect one to capture your special moment with the special someone. Priced at Rs. 5299 for 1GB and Rs. 5999 for 2GB

Shavers and TrimmersHelp him to stay updated with the latest beard styles with a wide range of Panasonic shavers and trimmers. Choose from the elegant card shaver for shaving on-the-go or blade-shavers allowing a fast, smooth and close shave. 
or those who like the stubble look, choose from wide-range of trimmers with different blade sizes. 

Gift Panasonic ER207WK washable trimmer and help him get ready for the date! This high performance trimmer with cutting blade comes with a convenient and easy to handle and portable design. Comes in both cord and cordless that makes easy to operate without any hassle!Priced from Rs. 1745/- onwards

Panasonic Card Shaver

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