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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Whizzy - A Delivery App that Helps Whizz Through Daily Tasks

Whizzy Logistic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. launched a mobile application called ‘Whizzy’. This application provides delivery services and solutions to residential and small business customers via its sophisticated technology platform. This application helps the customers to pick-up and (or) drop off any item, buy anything from anywhere or any other type of tasks or errands that is required.

Customers can get their tasks done via an app, a phone call, or WhatsApp. Moreover, customers can also use WOW (Whizzy on Web) to place and track multiple requests. Requests can be made in real-time or can be scheduled. Whizzy also allows 4-hr and 8-hr packages for customers having multiple errands to be done in a day.

Whizzy provides quality service via their highly trained delivery personnel. The delivery personnel are expected to have conversational skills in English, Hindi, and a regional language. They need to be familiar with the delivery application, understand the company’s core values and principles, perfect the Whizzer code-of-conduct and have problem resolution & exception handling techniques. As part of their hiring process, Whizzy ensures that their delivery personnel have a smartphone, two-wheeler, driving license and a vehicle RC.

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

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