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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

EuroKids Launches Mindful Curriculum EUNOIA For Pre-Schoolers

EuroKids International, India's leading early childhood education company, has launched its new curriculum 'EUNOIA'. The new EuroKids curriculum is designed to help children exercise mindful practices. Adapting to these Mindful practices - like Attention, Resilience, and Kindness will form the basis of learning in the early years helping build a strong foundation to imbibe 21st-century skills. This unique curriculum is a novel concept in the pre-school segment and incorporates innovative learning practices as envisioned and encapsulated by leading industry experts.

EuroKids has always adopted innovative and contemporary learning practices to stay ahead of its peers. Integration of Yoga, Music and Fitness programs alongside Phonics, Maths and Science will offer the child a superlative learning experience coupled with a nurturing and safe pre-school environment. These programs focus on enhancing the MIND, BODY and SOUL of a child thereby transforming them into evolved and balanced human beings.

The 3 Pillars of EUNOIA 
A three-pronged approach has been developed which form the three Pillars of EUNOIA

Awareness that is displayed through Mindful learning - Mindfulness or being in the moment contributes directly to cognitive, social, emotional developmental and performance-based skills in children.

Retention that is displayed through Spaced Learning - A method, which states that learning content should be repeated three times with two ten minute breaks. This enables long-term retention as the information is distributed or spaced over time.

Action that is displayed through Blended Learning - It's a child-centred approach to create a learning experience where the child has multiple interactions with other children and the teacher for application of acquired knowledge.

EuroKids team of experts have dedicated years towards understanding the needs of young children and refined the delivery of curriculum at their pre-schools, making it contemporary and engaging. In a digital age, the new curriculum strikes the appropriate balance between digital learnings and conventional pre-schooling learning mediums. With the launch of the new curriculum EUNOIA, EuroKids is setting new benchmarks by reinventing education in the country.

MUMBAI, January 8, 2019

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