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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

UC Hunts For Campus Ambassadors At Asia’s Biggest College Festival– ‘Mood Indigo’

-As co-sponsors of IIT Bombay’s annual cultural festival Mood Indigo, UC aims to generate rich, enjoyable, innovative and youthful content for users through host of events and contests
-Targets 100 more recruitments to the UC Campus Ambassador Program

In line with its promise of generating richer and enjoyable content for users, UC Browser, the world’s No.1 third-party mobile browser, will be co-sponsoring Asia’s largest college cultural festival ‘Mood Indigo’. The annual cultural festival of IIT Bombay will be held at the institute campus from December 27th to 30th , 2018. As co-sponsors of the festival, UC will be looking for UC Campus Ambassadors while hosting exciting events and contents.
Mood Indigo, as a cultural festival, has developed over the years into a melting pot of Indian and global culture. Sharing a similar path, UC has rooted in India for almost 10 years with its commitment on localization, while bringing global vision and experience to the Indian market.

This year, UC will be present at the IIT Bombay Campus looking for highly motivated, engaged and talented college students to lead the UC content creations and brand promotions amongst their peers. The candidates will be in charge of
 generating exciting, engaging and innovative content including MEME, GIF and short videos for UC platforms. Their innovations will be enlarged and may steer the content strategy and operations of UC Browser in the Indian market. Besides, the ambassadors will be given resume-building experience, awarded letters of recommendation and stand an opportunity to grab internships at Alibaba - UC in India.

Interested candidates can sign up for the UC Campus Ambassador Program at the event. More than 100 young and talented students are expected to be selected and join in the UC Campus Ambassador family through the offline recruitment at the UC booth.

Currently, the UC Campus Ambassador family covers around 30 universities with 80 plus members all over India. Big names such as IIT Delhi and Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad are on the list. UC plans to expand the coverage and grow with teenagers who are passionate about digital technology and branding.

Adding to the cheerfulness of the UC co-sponsored Mood Indigo, UC Browser will launch the UC MEME Challenge to inspire the imagination and creativity of its 140 million users in India. The H5 game will enable users to create fancy memes and enjoy productions from peers. The game is all about creating and sharing funny stuff with wit and humor. Millions of impressions are expected to be generated by the challenge while some brilliant productions will go viral on the internet assisted by UC promotions.

New Delhi, December 26, 2018

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