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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Top IT Jobs In Demand In India, Revealed By Simplilearn Study

Simplilearn, one of the leading global e-learning companies, released a report today titled 'Digital Transformation & Future of Tech Jobs in India'. The report highlights the five key domains - Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security and Digital Project Management - transforming industries across the world. This transformation is generating lucrative job opportunities for working professionals in the IT/ITes in India and is impacting the job market positively.                               

The continuous digital transformation in India has been driving faster adoption of emerging technologies, and that's one of the reasons why organizations today are investing in technological capabilities. Businesses in India recognize the challenges of digital transformation and are proactively embracing it. Hence, professionals across technology fields are looking at reskilling and upskilling themselves to stay relevant in their careers.

Analyzing the given situation, research by Simplilearn Career Data Labs highlights the following:

·     A brief understanding and skills required for the top IT job roles of the future in India

·     Bangalore is leading the way when it comes to job demand in 4 out of 5 domains except AI Engineer

·     The top hiring companies include: Tata Consultancy Services, Intel, Wipro, Amazon India, Flipkart, Hewlett-Packard, Accenture, and Samsung R&D.

·     Median salaries for each job role, dependent experience, are listed as:

·     Data Scientists: 25,00,000 PA
·     Artificial Intelligence: 20,00,000 PA
·     Cloud Architect: 18-30,00,000 PA
·     Cyber Security Expert: 22-32,00,000 PA
·     Digital Project Manager: 15-24,00,000 PA

This 'Digital Transformation and Future of IT Jobs in India' survey was conducted among more than 1000 learners and IT professionals across metropolitan areas in India to understand their views on digital transformation and how it is impacting their careers. In particular, Simplilearn aimed to discover what changes they are making to adapt to the new wave of digital transformation.

Key findings were:
According to 41 percent of respondents, the biggest impact of Digital Transformation at work has been reskilling and upskilling, followed by improved performance (32 percent of respondents).

50 percent of respondents prefer a combination of company-sponsored and self-funded online training.

Only 10 percent of the respondents prefer training to be fully sponsored by their company.

It is impossible for today's organizations to stay away from the technological advancements that are changing business dynamics. While companies are looking to adopt new technologies and platforms to advance their business results, they must focus on preparing the workforce with the right skillsets and training. Industry specific certifications are valuable for upgrading professionals' and employees' skill sets and helping them stay relevant. This, in turn, will help businesses in successfully achieving digital transformation.

BENGALURU, December 17, 2018

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