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The short video industry is rapidly growing in India because no one has time to see long videos for entertainment. So now these days, we see a lot of short content on various platforms. But, if you want to entertain yourself with a creative and interesting video, then the selection of a content platform should be very crucial. So, we are here to help you and introduce you to the best platform for short content where you can enjoy interesting videos, and also can create stuff for other people.

Here we are talking about ‘VMate’ which is known for funny & interesting short videos and is very famous among youths. Let’s take a look at features and capabilities of VMate app.

What is VMate?
VMate is a user-generated content (UGC) short video platform which provides thousands of funny and creative videos. Apart from scrolling content, if you have video making and editing skills, then you can make short videos in the App and can entertain others with your creativity.

There are various editing tools that are present in the app can you to create interesting and funny content which will help you in reaching to the huge fan base on platform. One of the most interesting part of this app is Contests and Rewards program. Under this program, various contests are announced from time to time, and by participating in these contests you can earn both fame and money. Apart from these features, the app is also maintaining top ranking charts for top contributors.

VMate is an integral part of UC web which is known product like UC Browser and UC news. VMate was launched in 2017, and during period of 1 year, it already has millions of active users.

VMate: Video Shooting, and Upload
If you’ve got an interesting story to tell or want to show your talent to the world, then VMate is the right platform for you. From to shoot to Upload, everything is very simple on VMate. You will have to just install this app from Google Play Store and register your VMate account. Now, you are at a platform where you can explore you creativity. To shoot a video you have to follow these simple steps:

 After login into the app, you can see a video sign button at the bottom of the App, just tap on Icon

 Now your camera will open and you can find three option there – Album, Video and Ditto

 By using the Album option, you can upload a video which is already present in your device.

Video option is provided to shoot your original video, and last Ditto option can be used for the recreation of favourite start’s videos

 In the video option, there is two other features are provided at the upper bottom portion – one is to add any trending song in the background and another is to add some funny filter from app library. After tapping video shooting, you will have to perform your unique task Editing After shooting a video, you will have to tap on ‘Next’ button. Now, you can edit your video and apply various effects and filter on your video which can help you to make your video look more attractive.

In editing tools, you can cut your video’s length, change the audio tracks, and adjust song volume etc. Various interesting and funny filters like Shake, Ghost, and Wave are present in the app. Apart from the effects, you can also add Graffiti, Stickers, and some unique filters in your videos. After editing, your video is ready for upload.

Show your talent to the world:
If you have a talent, then you would need a platform to express your talent or creativity. And, VMate is the platform which has millions of active users. So, VMate has that temperament that could introduce you to world. There are various features in App which could help you to tell the story.

Duet and Ditto are some features that could make your VMate journey more interesting and amusing. With duet features, you can perform with your favourite VMate person, and second one is more interesting feature. With Ditto, you have chance to copy your favourite bollywood celebrity or the your favourite VMate person.

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