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Friday, December 14, 2018

Shop Eat Sleep Worldwide, a New Integrated App That Augments a Customer’s Shopping, Dining and Travel Experience

One-of-its-kind worldwide navigation technology that helps deliver a bespoke surfing experience like no other

Shop, Eat, Sleep Worldwide, the brainchild of the retail magnate, NafeesaJoosab is a free global premium discounted app that lets patrons join a list of high-class and high-end luxury brands catering to all segments as the name suggests. Operating in the continents of South Africa and India, they plan on gradually expanding to countries like Dubai, London, and Malaysia by the upcoming years, as well as other countries in the near future.

Staying true to its name, the app allows end-users to scout for exclusive deals from high-end, deluxe retailers. This digital medium also allows merchant partners to tailor-make fashion products and experiences appropriate for the niche customer. Also on offer are artisanal restaurants and regular eateries for the general public. One click on the sleep option and users are spoilt-for-choice with a list of luxury hotel brands, five-star accommodations, options anywhere in the world. The app is nothing short of a handy guide for the well-heeled traveler who seeks a quality lifestyle experience where ever they travel.

The app through its distinguished features is all set to make your requirements for shopping products from elite brands, eating out at a magnificent eatery or booking a lavish hotel stay while you are on-the-go, all the easier and more personalized than ever before. In the course of today’s fast-spread digitization, the app seamlessly enables the esteemed users to receive individual product recommendations based on the data provided in the app. 

The application is also equipped to remember the most favored stores by customers, preferred dining options, chosen stay-cations and delivers personalized maps, style inspiration, coupon discounts, sales and promotions right to the phones of potential shoppers. This is an apt service for all those who are frequently on the move - be it for work, time-out or family vacations.

The vision of SESW is for you to feel at home while you are away from home, at a click of a button. So while you are on your next visit to South Africa or India, look no further, SESW is only a download away. 

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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