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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Biba, India's Fashion Giant Brings Virtual Fitting Room Experience With AstraFit

Biba has brought the next-generation solution for fit, size and personalization to India with AstraFit's virtual dressing room platform.

Finding the right fit and size of clothing online can be quite tedious. Biba, India's most loved ethnic fashion brand has collaborated with AstraFit, an online fitting room service for fashion e-commerce, to recreate a real-life dressing room experience virtually on their website.

"AstraFit users at Biba tripled Biba's conversion rate, boosting revenue by 5% within the first two months of integration. Time spent on the website and pages viewed per visit increased by 266% and 136% respectively," said Nikita Dobrynin, CEO and Co-founder of AstraFit.

Unlike size calculators that are only based on fit and size approximations, AstraFit builds a precise 2D body model of the customer virtually, so they know not only the right size but also the correct length of the garment. Taking it up a notch, the online tool provides a summary of recommended sizes, details of the model, the elasticity of the fabric and Natural Human Language description for how the garment fits and feels in different parts of the body based on the customer's body measurements and body shape.

AstraFit's superfast garment digitization system requires measuring only one size of any garment manually to calculate all the other sizes automatically. It works accurately and efficiently even for large numbers.

NEW DELHI, December 26, 2018

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