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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Panasonic India Innovation Centre Introduces Seekit, A Bluetooth Based IoT Solution

-Developed at Panasonic’s India Innovation Centre, Seekit is a Bluetooth based tracker that helps the user keep a track of their daily items that matter the most

-Seekit comes with features such as Separation Indicator, Voice Alert, Bi-directional Tracking, Splash Proof design, Proximity Guidance, L0061st Seen Location and Crowd GPS

-Committed to building a connected ecosystem, Panasonic, a leading diversified technology company, today announced the launch of an IoT based utility product Panasonic Seekit.

The newest product from Panasonic’s India Innovation Centre, a portable and sleek Bluetooth tracker empowers users to simply tag their valuables, connect to the Seekit smartphone app and find them without any hassle.

Seekit features a Separation Indicator, Proximity Guidance, Last Seen Location, Bi-directional Tracking, and Voice Alerts with High Alert Mode for tracking; Low Alert Mode to avoid unnecessary alerts. Harnessing the power of Bluetooth 5 for best in class Bluetooth connectivity, and better battery utilization, lasting for about 12 – 18 months without a charge depending on the variant and usage.

Seekit will be available in two variants, Seekit Edge and Seekit Loop, and is priced at INR 1599 and INR 1299 respectively. Developed at Panasonic’s India Innovation Centre, Seekit will be available on various leading ecommerce platforms starting December 1st week.

Intelligent Features & Simple Design
The Separation Indicator feature alerts the user as soon as the valuable is disconnected, reminding that the valuable is being left behind. These alerts can be customized in the user’s own voice too, especially useful in case of multiple Seekit devices. With Bi-directional Tracking feature, not only does the Seekit help you find the tagged belongings but you can find your phone too by just double pressing the button on the tracker.

Proximity Guidance would guide you towards your valuable. If you leave your phone behind, Seekit will Buzz and Glow reminding you to go get it.

If the Separation Alert is missed, you can just open your Seekit app and check the Last Seen Location of your disconnected valuable. In case of theft, the Seekit Community of app users can trace the valuable with the help of Crowd GPS technology. Just by pressing the button on Seekit thrice you can send an SOS Alertto 3 contacts with your GPS location. The Seekit device also comes with a Selfie Button, eliminating the struggle to find the perfect angle and click it.

The portable ergonomic design enabled with IP65 for protection from rains, fits seamlessly in the lives of the consumers.

Battery Optimization & Connectivity
Seekit comes with a best in class Bluetooth 5 as the core technology that provides connectivity range up to 100 ft. linear distance under test conditions.

Bluetooth 5 allows communication with a lower battery consumption, thus elongating the battery life and the fact that Seekit comes with a coin cell battery eliminates the hassle of daily charging.

                                            Edge                  Loop

Color                                   Black                 Black

Bluetooth version              BLE 5.0              BLE 5.0

Size 45mm                         41mm x 32mm

Thickness                           3mm                   5mm

Weight                               7.7g                     5.4g

Listed*                             100 ft*                  100 ft*

Loudness*                       Upto 80 db*          Upto 80 db*

OS Compatibility      iOS & Android           iOS & Android

Water Resistance                 IP 65                IP 65

Battery                                  CR2016          CR1632

Life                                    18 months*        12 months*

*Under Test Conditions
New Delhi, November 21, 2018

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