Huawei Reiterates Commitment To Bringing 5G To India With Full Range End-To-End Technology Showcase At IMC 2018 - GADGETS & INNOVATIONS


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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Huawei Reiterates Commitment To Bringing 5G To India With Full Range End-To-End Technology Showcase At IMC 2018

-        Conducting industry’s first 5G use case demos in partnership with Airtel, Huawei paves ROADS to a fully connected and intelligent world

At the India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2018, Huawei reinforced its commitment to India’s vision of timely 5G roll-out in India with multiple 5G use case demos, which heralds a breakthrough in the journey of making 5G a step closer to reality.

Huawei at IMC showcases 5G end-to-end solutions including 5G NR and core and IP RAN. The 5G solution focuses on C-band, aligned with India specific 5G spectrum bands. Huawei exhibits also feature solutions for harnessing 5G technology in existing generation of networks with solutions such as CloudAIR, Massive MIMO and Intent driven network.

In a standalone demo at IMC, Huawei provides an experience of VR gaming use cases powered by 5G network.

Marking a first for the Indian industry, Huawei partnered with Bharti Airtel to conduct an “AR Holographic Communication” using 5G NR non-standalone architecture (NSA), showcasing their achievements in 5G service exploration. AR Holographic Communication like the one presented at the IMC are one of the most representative services of the upcoming 5G era. Using the Holographic Communication, users feel fully immersed when communicating with a live hologram. AR technology is especially relevant in the Indian context presenting immense possibilities in use cases of AR assisted Learning & Training, Gaming, Live Events and Entertainment. AR’s incredible experience requires end-to-end technical support backed by a network that is extremely fast, is able to handle large volumes of traffic, but still had low latency.

5G networks will offer an unprecedented leap in performance in comparison to previous mobile networks.

Huawei will work with the industry to deliver the 5G mission
To help global carriers roll out 5G networks, Huawei has developed a full range of 5G solutions, from 5G devices to base stations, to 5G transport, 5G core and chips. Huawei will also launch a 5G-ready Kirin chip in 2019, and a 5G smartphone in June 2019. These products will allow consumers that want higher speeds to enjoy an incredible 5G experience as soon as possible. Huawei is ready to work with our industry partners, to invest and to innovate, so that together we can succeed in delivering the 5G mission.

India, October 25, 2018

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