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Friday, September 7, 2018

Click A Button And You Can Audition For Your Dream Role

New App Act It Out connects aspiring Actors across India to leading production houses; has provided a platform to more than 55,000 actors over the last few months

Growth of regional film industry and advent of web series present huge potential for aspiring actors

Act It Out (AIO), a mobile app that connects thousands of aspiring actors from across the country with leading production houses, has seen immense popularity since its launch last year. It has been gaining almost 7000 new actors every month, and 150+ audition videos are being uploaded every day. 

More than 2000 people move to Mumbai everyday to make it big in the industry. For a person who dreams to be an Actor, Act It Out (AIO) is a tool to ease their struggle without having to relocate or wander about in Mumbai. One can simply download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and register using Mobile number/Facebook account. 

Production houses register on Act It Out and post their project requirements. Actors can then upload a short video that showcases their acting skills. Basis the videos, the casting teams of production houses select the actors that match their requirements. In the last two months, more than 110 aspiring actors have been connected to production houses through the app.

Talking about how he came up with the idea of the app,Manit Bhatia, Founder and CEO, Act It Out said, “Being an aspiring actor myself and spending a few years in Mumbai trying to pursue my acting dreams, I realized the dilemma of struggling actors. One has to sweat it out in long queues for an audition, and at times people are sent back without the audition. 

Sometimes you also end up paying lot of money to casting agencies but never receive any response. For the production houses also, finding the right talent amongst the plethora of applications is not easy. This app – Act It Out - uses technology with an aim to organize the audition process and address many such issues.”

“New trends in the Indian film industry, growth of regional film industry and advent of web series has been a boon for many aspiring actors and directors. They have many more avenues to present their acting talent”, added Manit.

Some of the leading production houses Act it Out is associated with include - GirlsXP, Miracle Lens, Rundime Business Pvt. Ltd, Take One Casting, Bluewinds Entertainment, Theatre Army Films, Amit Sharma (Freelance Casting director), Add Factory Films, Oneness Casting Hub, Emoticons Casting and  many more independent Casting directors.

The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store by clicking here


Mikhil Musale (Renowned Director) – “We really loved the concept and decided to collaborate with AIO. Acting as a career option has garnered a lot of acceptance over the years in India. If this app becomes successful then it can play a major part for this industry.”

Mohd. Nazeem ( Co-Founder, Take One Casting) – “AIO is a talented team with a vision to upgrade the casting industry into a user-friendly platform for new comers.”

Jayesh Agrawal (Co-Founder, GirlsXP) - "AIO has helped us in getting the finest raw talent across local region saving us lot of time. The team at AIO is proactive and the overall team effort helped us in getting the video out on time and sharing it across. The whole credit of video going viral on social platform goes to team AIO. Would love to work with AIO in future projects"

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