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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Aviva Life Insurance Demystifies Insurance; Becomes The First Life Insurance Company In India To Debut On Amazon’s Alexa

Aviva is the first life insurance company to offer Amazon’s AI based voice service, Alexa in India

- Aviva’s Insurance Made Simple Skill aims to de-jargonize insurance terms for customers in order to increase financial literacy in India

- Keeping customers first, this new service redefines the customer experience with its enhanced voice command service

Aviva Life Insurance today announced its debut on Amazon’s Alexa platform with Insurance Made Easy. With this new digital initiative, Aviva becomes the first life insurance company in India to offer an Alexa skill to engage with its customers to simplify life insurance jargon. With Alexa, the company aims to promote financial literacy amongst its existing and potential customers across all ages and geographies. 

This is an initiative basis the Aviva Plan India Plan survey conducted in 2017, which clearly indicated that though Indian’s are big dreamers, when it comes to financial planning they lag behind by a considerable distance. One of the key reasons for this is that people get intimidated by complex insurance jargon and are unable to take the right decision in terms of financial planning.

To help bridge this gap and to increase financial literacy in India, Aviva has launched the Insurance Made Simple, a skill within Alexa’s skill set that enables customers to understand the various complex terms in insurance through the latest digital innovation around us: voice-enabled commands. For instance, customers can launch Aviva on the Alexa Device by using the invocation phrase Alexa, open/launch Aviva, and can ask questions like “What is Term Insurance”, “What is Surrender Benefit”, and Alexa will immediately reply to the command addressing such questions. The objective is to equip the user with a clear understanding of the complex terms used in life insurance by using simple, easy to understand language.

Digitization in the insurance industry today has enabled in providing seamless integration across systems, which has brought in simplicity, improved efficiency and efficacy across the entire value chain. Customer service through voice commands is the next step, which will revolutionize the customer engagement process. Aviva believes that because customers are often unable to understand complicated insurance terms, they are not able to take the right decision. So with the launch of this service, the company will be able to provide a barrier-free environment and make insurance more accessible for all.

National, September 25, 2018

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