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Thursday, November 9, 2017

‘How HAPPAY (Business Expense Management Company) Is Using Technology To Help The B2B Ecosystem Go Cashless.’

Happay is an intelligent and intuitive expense management solution consisting of Happay Prepaid Visa® Cards that can be managed and controlled via desktop and mobile. Employees use Happay Prepaid Cards for business expenses like travel, fuel, accomodation, utility payments, petty cash expenses etc. Company admins allocate money on cards, track expenses, set spending limits and policies - right from their web or mobile dashboard, in real-time. Happay helps organisations fund business expenses easily and quickly and achieve real-time visibility and control over all business expenditure.

Happay Is Using Paperless Technology To Make The Ecosystem Cashless ?

·         Happay’s Unique Technology consists of a Single Corporate Card that is linked to multiple wallets. That means a single piece of plastic can hold multiple pockets of money.

·         Company administrators can configure rules and logic on each of these wallets. The configured rules define how employees can access that particular wallet - where and when they can use the wallet and for what amount of spend. Administrators can restrict the wallet spend to all channels like POS, ATM and online or to specific ones. They can easily track all wallet spends on a real-time basis via their web dashboard/mobile apps. Administrators can also load or remove funds from wallets with just a click of a button, at any time, from any device. They can also switch on or switch off a wallet.

·         Our ability to integrate our card platform with any of the existing systems used by our customers (such as accounting, ERP, and HRMS among others) enables us to manage these card programs effectively. We also integrate with other platforms to do condition-based disbursements without explicitly using Happay dashboards. We also have open APIs which help our customers tailor the solutions further to their specific needs.

This Unique Technology Is Helping Happay Make The Whole Process Easier

·         Our unique technology enables our customers to manage all their business spends - including imprest, travel, and expense, procurement, food and medical allowances, reimbursement, etc. on a single platform. They can pre-authorise spends with limits and policies and track spends in real-time with our transaction feeds.

·         Employees have the convenience of using a single card for business expenses and easily manage different spends with different wallets. Happay also empowers employees to capture expense data and receipts and submit them for approval on-the-go, via the Happay app.

·         Since expense reports flow from employees to managers and finance teams online, approvals are quick and reconciliation in even quicker.

·         Happay’s deeper API integration helps companies export spend data to their ERP and accounting systems without any hassles of manual data entry or errors.

·         With Happay, expense management is completely cashless; reporting and approvals are quick and paperless; reconciliation and accounting are stress-free; administrators and employees are productive and happy.

 Few Pointers About The Company  

             Happay is Co-  founded by IIT Kharagpur graduates Anshul Rai and Varun Rathi.

·         Business expenses are still made in cash

·         As a result employees waste hours creating expense reports, manually

·         Management has no real control or visibility into how their money is being spent

·         With its smart prepaid cards and software, Happay empowers employees to spend and report expenses digitally while helping company administrators manage all expenses online

·         With happay’s business expense card and mobile app, employees can report expenses automatically, in seconds, on the go

·         For management, you have visibility and control into how and where your money is spent, in real time, through web and mobile

·         For accountants, you can reconcile expense reports, attached with digitised receipts in minutes. one can even integrate expense data into your accounting software without changing a thing.

·         All this, on one single, centralised platform

·         This means less paperwork, less wasted time and happier people

·     The entire expense management workflow from recording of expenses to accounting them is every bit as sluggish, broken and inefficient as it was decades before

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