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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Transsion Holdings & The Spice Mobility Joint Venture Took Place


Transsion Holdings & Spice Mobility Ltd Has Announced Joint Venture To Re-Launch Of The Spice Brand In India

-Transsion Holdings strengthens its presence in India, Spice is the latest addition to its brand portfolio, launched after the success of itel, TECNO

- The New Spice Brand with a fresh identity is targeted towards a young audience who wants to express their individuality without compromising on their traditional values

-Launched with a new brand philosophy of “Make Sharing Better” with Spice

Transsion Holdings, a global conglomerate with a strong presence through itel and TECNO, today announced a joint venture (JV) agreement with Spice Mobility, an Indian Business major across mobility space, to strengthen its foothold in the world’s fastest growing mobile market. The JV was inked today in the presence of Mr. Lin Qin, Vice-President, Transsion Holdings and Mr. Dilip Modi, Executive Chairman, Spice Mobility.

In line with Transsion’s multi-brand strategy, the company marks the entry of its new brand in India, reinforcing its commitment to the India market, with an enhanced portfolio. This partnership aims to revitalize the ‘Spice Brand’ by cross leveraging both organisations’ strengths to offer a simple, yet, an all-new powerful and rich digital experience to the young generation of India, which is a reflection of their individuality and keeps the collectivistic sentiment intact. The new Spice brand portfolio will offer stylishly designed devices catering to the needs of the Indian youth.

Mr. Lin Qin, Vice-President, Transsion Holdings said, “We are excited to announce our partnership with the Spice Group and it is a matter of great pride for us to actively contribute to the growing mobile phone ecosystem in the country. With Transsion’s success in India over the past year, this JV is a win-win situation for both the groups. We will be exploring various strategic opportunities by building on each other’s strengths such as wide distribution strength, understanding of the Indian consumer and a comprehensive portfolio of quality products. Our aim is to translate the company’s global success by designing easy to use products that cater to the local consumer preferences and social milieu.”

He further adds, For us, India is one of the top priority markets and with this partnership, we have now enhanced the New Spice product portfolio to offer a stylish designed range to the Indian consumers. After massive acceptance of the brand, itel and successful launch of TECNO in India, we are embarking on a new journey with the launch of the new ‘Spice’ brand. We are confident that this brand will deliver on its promise of a youthful portfolio of high quality products that will not only surpass consumer aspirations but also enable them to retain their individuality without compromising on their traditional values and societal expectations.”

Mr. Dilip Modi, Executive Chairman, Spice Mobility said, “We are absolutely delighted to partner with Transsion Holdings. As a strategic partner, we believe this combines Spice’s legacy strength and Transsion’s global leadership to bring a whole new mobility experience to our consumers. This JV is a commitment towards furthering digital inclusion in India, assuring high quality products and services to one and all, thus democratizing innovation and technology. We are sure that by leveraging each other’s strengths, we will make a significant contribution to the emerging Indian technology market.”

Spice Brand identity: “Make Sharing Better” with Spice

Spice Brand unveiled its new brand identity and philosophy – “Make Sharing Better” with Spice. In line with the new brand identity, Spice Brand will enable the users’ to create and nurture the social connections by sharing content that is enjoyable for them.

The philosophy “Make Sharing Better” with Spice embodies collectivism and promotes social cohesion & interdependence in the Indian society. Following these principles and such interdependence amongst families in India, ‘Sharing’ has become a cultural norm. The new Spice is all about enhancing the experience of joyful, carefree, energetic youth population who believe in sharing moments and individuality. In this connected world, Spice further will fuel the culture of ‘sharing’ to help build a rich social connect for the Indian youth. The product portfolio comes equipped with easy to use features that is designed especially to promote a superior digital exepreince, thereby making ‘sharing’ fun.

The New Logo

The new distinctive logo denotes a youthful, vibrant, energetic and carefree brand. The identity is designed around the core values of the target audience – The ‘Youth’. The Purple is a very unique and vibrant colour, which signifies the stability of Blue and the energy of Red. The colour is also in line with our range of colourful and uniquely designed products.

The font reflects the directness and at the same time, resonates with the old brand logo with the aim of being true and direct with the consumers. The uniqueness of color also talks about the unique offerings for the consumers. The rhythmic wave in the logo symbolizes dynamic relationship that the brand aims to establish with the carefree and joyful youth.

Lin Qin - Vice President, Transsion
Mr. Lin Qin is the Vice President of Transsion Holdings, supervising TECNO business unit, Carlcare service centre and platform management department. Under his leadership, TECNO brand has accomplished smartphone transformation successfully and its brand image has been improved significantly.

Mr. Qin joined Transsion in July 2007 as Regional Manager. He was promoted to General Manager of TECNO business unit in 2011 and Vice President of Transsion in 2014.

Before joining Transsion, Mr. Qin served Ningbo Bird for three years as sales manager at international business unit, in charge of international business development of mobile phone products. During this period, he accumulated rich market experience.

Mr. Qin graduated from Shanxi University of Finance and Economics in 2004 with a master degree in management.

Dilip Kumar Modi
Dilip Modi is one of India’s most successful young entrepreneurs and has pioneered several new technologies in the mobility and technology sector in India. As a young entrepreneur, Dilip is passionate about creating usable and affordable technologies that can help improve lives of people across Asia and Africa. Driven by his firm belief that technology can become a key enabler for achieving inclusive growth in the country, his group’s current business interests in the Digital technologies space exemplify this vision by creating affordable mobile internet products and services that enable the masses to access the latest technology.

In the last two decades, he has created a strong portfolio of businesses within the mobility and technology sector, starting from successfully launching India’s first mobile service – Modi Telstra in 1995 that also hosted the very first mobile phone call made in India. After a successful divestment of Modi Telstra in the year 2000, he launched Spice Communications in Punjab and Karnataka, which soon became one of the most valuable and enduring brands in the two highly profitable mobile markets of the country.

As Executive Chairman of Spice Mobility, Dilip leads the group’s businesses spread across Asia and Africa. His group companies in India include Spice Digital, which is a leading digital technologies & services company, Spice Money, Spice Mobiles & Hotspot Retail. 

About Transsion:

Transsion Holdings, best known for its leading mobile brands including TECNO, itel and Infinix, is a diversified hi-tech group specializing in mobility solutions and present in 58 countries globally. Its brand portfolio also comprises Carlcare for after-sales services, Oraimo for mobile accessories as well as Syinix for home appliance. In addition, Transsion owns a mobile internet company Afmobi, which possesses a quick search website, a news portal site, an APP store PalmPlay and an instant messaging tool Palmchat with over 150 million registered usersby June 2017. Transsion has sold more than 246 million Dual-SIM mobile handsets globally and a market share of over 40% in Sub-Saharan African countries. In 2016, Transsion officially entered India with its brand itel, making brilliant achievements since its entry. In the same year, Transsion’s three mobile phone brands have been selected in Top 100 Most Admired Brands for African Consumers with TECNO ranked 14th, itel ranked 25th as well as Infinix ranked 37th.

About Spice Mobility:

Spice Mobility is a digital technologies group focused on digital devices, services and platforms across Asia and Africa. Spice Group is passionate about transforming the lives of people through disruptive technologies and services and partnering with the best companies and talent. Being the first mobile operator in India in 1998, and having launched the first Indian brand of mobile devices in 2004, Spice group has been actively participating in the digital economy. Its other businesses include technology retail stores under the brand HotSpot, B2B ecommerce, Spice Digital and Spice Money. Spice Money is an exciting new foray of Spice Mobility, aimed at enabling financial inclusion for the under-served with its innovative technology solutions and business model. Spice Digital group is building new-age digital platforms for e-governance, fintech, enterprise, entertainment and telecom verticals.

Press Release

New Delhi, 29th June, 2017: 

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