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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Last-Mile Delivery In Brazil To Become Even More Express With GreyOrange’s Supply Chain Automation Solutions

After capturing the South Asian and Indian supply chain automation markets with its capabilities across the Middle East and European regions, GreyOrange, a multinational robotics and supply chain automation company, has now entered the Latin America region with its renowned Linear Sortation System.

Recognised as one of the world's Top 50 Robotics Companies by Robotics Business Review two years in a row, GreyOrange has been at the forefront of supply chain automation innovation, democratizing such solutions for various industries. The sortation system for Loggi strengthens GreyOrange’s hold in the last-mile delivery space and in a new geography, after successful implementations in the e-commerce, retail and CPG sectors across India, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Loggi, a Brazilian tech company offering last-mile delivery solutions to e-commerce, retailers and local businesses, has opted for GreyOrange’s high-speed advanced Sortation System at its Sao Paulo hub. With its same-day, next-day deliveries and real-time tracking solutions designed for various business types and products, Loggi has set new benchmarks in Brazil. The company was looking to partner with another technology company to help them increase delivery capacity and integrate totally with their in-house algorithms. With the objective of launching several last-mile delivery hubs in the region, Loggi’s need was to deploy flexible, scalable and reliable solutions, hence a partner that could address such diverse requirements while adhering to stringent quality and delivery benchmarks. With the new GreyOrange Linear Sortation system, Loggi will be able to process 72,000 parcels per day in his São Paulo hub, almost doubling its current capacity.

Latin America is one of the fastest-growing regions for e-commerce and online retail in the West.  Brazil, Argentina and Mexico are expected to double their current ecommerce sales at 47 million USD in 2018, as per a report published by Forrester. Further, online retail sales are set to grow at a CAGR of 17% to reach $85 billion by 2019. GreyOrange realizes the immense growth opportunity that the region presents and its entry into the market with Loggi will enable more businesses in the region to witness flexible, scalable, reliable and efficient automation solutions.

GreyOrange has a very successful track record in the express delivery space and demonstrated great understanding of our business and our specific requirements. They worked with us as a true technology partner to create customized and specialized solutions to meet our unique and complex demands. We are excited about the upcoming deployment and are sure that the GreyOrange Sortation system will enable us to face successfully significant increases in deliveries, while improving our efficiency.”

The GreyOrange Linear Sorter combines advanced software and two lines of high-speed sortation conveyors capable of sorting thousands of parcels in various shapes and sizes including polybags, plus irregular and fragile packages. The system starts at the Auto-spacer where sensors determine how the parcels are spread to ensure gaps between the parcels are even. Each parcel is then identified by 1D or 2D barcodes where both its gross and volumetric weights are automatically recorded, before it quickly moves along the high-speed conveyor which sorts the parcels according to dispatch time, destination and other parameters as determined at different times of the day, including service levels such as same-day and next-day delivery.

New Delhi/ Sao Paulo, June 27, 2017 

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