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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ransomware “WannaCrypt” Attack

A Quote On Behalf Of AGS Transact Technologies Limited On The Recent Ransomware “WannaCrypt” Attack.

“An attack on the scale of “WannaCrypt” (or WannaCry) is a wake-up call for all countries including India, which is at the cusp of digital revolution. It brings to the fore the collective need for Indian companies to be more vigilant and treat cybersecurity as one of their highest priorities. Being frontrunners in the FinTech industry, we ensure regular updates of the security patches on the servers to protect all ATMs in our network from such attacks. Additionally, we are working closely with our partner banks to secure their network and eliminate chances of any vulnerability.

For end customers, we recommend that they undertake simple precautions like avoid opening emails or attachments from unknown sources as well as be wary of clicking unknown links and downloading or installing an unknown software. We also highly recommend updating an Antivirus software on all systems and performing regular backups of critical data in separate devices.”

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