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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Motorola G4 Plus Security Patch - Software Update Is Out

There is a good news for Motorola G4 Plus device users, as Motorola is rolling out the new software updates with some new Security Patches for Moto G4 Plus. So, all those are using the Moto G4 Plus Device can now update their handsets through High Speed Wi-Fi Connections. If there is an issue with any user they can contact the service or call centre for help. 

May be sooner or later all users can update their handsets for the new updates for the company. Google always provide software updates for the Moto devices from time to time. 

Instrustions to update : It would be me more easy or conveniet to update if it is connected to the Wifi only instead of the mobile sim network, as their are chance of break data in between or hang your phone or brick issue with the handset.  And the second thing is before start updating your device it is advised that you should charge your phone at least more then 60% - 70% this also help you in a great manner to update your device very easily. It would be better if you charge your device fully - 100%.  

So, be sure, be careful when updating your device......

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