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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Kent Smart Kitchen Mate - Pasta & Noodle Maker

The noodles maker smart kitchen appliance comes with auto-mode for mixing, kneading and extruding; input the ingredients as per preferred taste and get healthy & delicious snacks in minutes.

During my review of the Kent Pasta and Noodle Machine it quickly became clear that this is one of the easiest Noodle and pasta machines to operate. When you buy this Noodle and pasta machine you get a bunch of items with it that will help you make multiple types of noodles, pasta, Momos, Gujia and a few handy cups that will make sure that you get the measurements right for the pasta dough.
You get five default pasta shape discs with the Kent Noodle and Pasta Maker that will allow you to make make a lot of different kind of pasta , just think about stuffed ravioli and orecchiette.

The results of Noodle and  Pasta Maker was a good one. The pasta did taste great and the worry of the ‘perfect’ pasta dough went away after this kent machine; the machine does a great job at making a good Noodle and pasta dough if you get the measurements of the ingredients right.

The Kent noodle and pasta maker features automatic mixing, kneading and extruding functions in one go. So all you have to do is choose a program and relax.It is easy to dismantle and assemble. Its user-friendly shape makes it extremely easy to use and operate. 

Kent Noodle and Pasta Maker come with 7 different shaping fitments. These fitments can be used for making personalized noodles, pasta, momos and gujia of different sizes and shapes. There are 3 shaping attachments each for preparing noodles and pasta with which one can make 3 different shapes of noodles, 3 different shapes of pasta and a single shaping die for momo/gujia. These accessories help one to relish different types of pastas, noodles and momos of their choice.

Kent Noodle and Pasta Maker come with a smart drawer design, where you can easily store all the accessories including the shaping dies and the cleaning tools. This ensures that the shaping dies or any other accessories are not misplaced. It is spacious enough to hold all the dies and cutters in an excellent manner thereby making it easy to locate and use.

It is a compact appliance which you can place anywhere in the kitchen. It requires no maintenance and is specially designed in a way so that the cleaning is extremely simple. It has specially designed cleaning tool with bristles and pins that makes cleaning an easy and time efficient process. The remaining (left-out) of flours and wheat inside the dies can be easily cleaned with the help of the cleaning tool. After using the dies, just keep it aside to get dried and then using the pin you can extract out the debris and clean it by using the brush.

It has been designed in a certain way that most of the parts can easily get detached and cleaned. The bin where the dough gets mixed can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher, and any dough leftovers the Noodle and  Pasta Maker discs can be easily cleaned with the cleaning tool that you get for free with your purchase.

Kent Noodle & Pasta Maker now comes under the Kent smart chef appliance which was earlier under Kent RO.The Kent Noodle & Pasta Maker box contains cleaning tool and a measuring cup. It comes in white colour and is available at all Kent outlets and online at It is extremely pocket friendly priced at Rs 12000/-

We Recommenend this product and we rate it as a 9/10

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