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Sunday, March 26, 2017


This 645D Model DSLR Camera is an amazing product for professional photography which delivers stunning image quality that you'll surprised to see. This professional camera is a make of PENTAX from RICOH JAPAN. This Camera features 40 effective Megapixels plus large 44x33mm CCD Sensor.

Special Features of the Camera : 

1. Medium Format Imaging Power -  The 645D’s large 44x33mm CCD image sensor is the key to realizing the high-quality,  true-to-life images that inspire every photographer.

2. Image Processing -  Its Custom Image function broadens the scope of visual expression, with eight finishing touches

3. Photo Shooting -  It features High-precision, 11-point autofocus system features a new SAFOX IX+ Focus Sensor

4. Operation -  Its Advanced finder optics contribute to the downsizing of the Camera Body and extra-clear viewfinder image

5. Weather Resistance - It is Dust, Water & Shock proof as it's Magnesium-Alloy Casing assures outstanding durability, reduced weight and superb resistance against shock

6. Post-Shooting Resources -  It comes with bundled Comprehensive software makes image filing and editing effortless.  Some other post-shooting resources are - Digital filters, with five options during image viewing  &  HDMI Output Terminal

645D Specifications
Type TTL Autofocus, Auto-Exposure Medium Format Digital SLR Camera
Effective Pixels Approx. 40 Megapixels
Image Sensor Total pixels Approx. 40.01 Megapixels
Type CCD with a Primary Color Filter
Size 44mm x 33mm
Pixel size 6.0 μm x 6.0 μm
Dynamic Range 11.5f - Stops
Recorded Pixels Still JPEG: L[40M]7264x5440 Pixels, M[32M]6528x4896 Pixels
 [21M]5376x4032 Pixels,
S[13M]4224x3168 Pixels [7M]3072x2304 Pixels
RAW: [40M]7264x5440 pixels
Formats Still RAW(14 bit): (PEF/DNG), JPEG: (Best), (Better), (Good), RAW+JPEG: 
Recording  Still RAW (PEF/DNG), JPEG (Conforms to Exif 2.21),
File Format Conforms to DCF (Design Rule of Camera File system) 2.0
Sensitivity Auto:200-1000, Extension:100, 1600 (1EV Steps or 1/2EV Steps or 
1/3EV Steps)
( Standard output sensitivity )
Storage Media SD, SDHC Memory Card (Dual Slot)
White Balance Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Fluorescent Light ( D, N, W, L), 
Tungsten Light, Flash, CTE, Manual Setting 1, Manual Setting 2, 
Manual Setting 3, Color Temperature Setting (3 Types) with WB Fine 
Custom Image Bright, Natural, Portrait, Landscape, Vibrant, Muted, Reversal Film, 
Viewfinder Type Trapezoid Prism Finder
Focusing screen Natural-Bright-Matte focusing screen
Field of view Approx. 98%
Diopter adjustment Approx. -3.5 - +2.0m-1
Magnification Approx. 0.62 x (with D FA645 55mmF2.8 at infinity),
Approx. 0.85 x (with FA645 75mmF2.8 at infinity)
Monitor Type TFT Color LCD Monitor, Wide Angle View, Brightness Adjustable, 
Color Adjustable, AR Coating, Reinforced Glass
Size 3.0 inch
Dots Approx. 921,000 dots
Preview Method Optical preview, Digital preview
Playback 1 Image, 2 Image, 4 Image, 9 Image, 16 Image, 36 Image, 81 Image,
 Enlargement (up to 32X, scroll available), Image Rotation, Folder view, 
Slideshow, Histogram, Resize, Cropping, Bright/Dark area, Calendar view,
 Index view
Digital Filter Playback Mode Monochrome, Extract Color, Color, Base Tweaking, Soft
Focusing System Type TTL Phase Difference Detection, 11-Point Autofocus System (SAFOX IX+)
Focus Mode AF-single, AF-continuous
Focus Point Auto, Select, Center
Superimpose Available
Exposure Control Metering System TTL Open-Aperture 77-Segment Metering
Metering Mode (1) Multi-Segment Metering, (2) Center-Weighted Metering, 
(3) Spot Metering
Exposure Range EV 2-21 (at Standard Output Sensitivity 200 with 55mmF2.8)
Modes (1) Program AE, (2) Sensitivity-Priority AE, (3) Shutter-Priority AE, 
(4) Aperture-Priority AE, (5) Shutter and Aperture Priority AE, 
(6) Metered Manual, (7) Bulb, (8) X speed
Exposure  ±5EV
AE Lock Availiable
Shutter Shutter Type Electronically Controlled Vertical-Run Focal Plane Shutter
Shutter Speed Auto:1/4000 - 30 Sec, Manual:1/4000 - 30 Sec (1/3 EV Steps or 
1/2 EV Steps), Bulb
Drive Modes Single-Frame, Continuous (Hi, Lo), Self-Timer (12s, 2s), Remote 
Control (0s, 3s ), Remote Continuous Shooting, Interval, Multiple 
Exposure, Exposure Bracketing, Extended Bracketing
Continuous <Both 1 Slot and 2 Slot>
shooting Approx. 1.1 FPS, RAW(PEF)+JPEG(40M at 
): Until Approx. 13 FPS, RAW(PEF): Until Approx. 13 FPS, RAW(DNG): 
Until Approx. 13 FPS, JPEG(40M at 
): Until Approx. 15 13 FPS (Revised Number of Continuous 
Shooting as of Apr.27,2010)
Mirror Lock-up Available by Dedicated Dial
Flash Synchronization Hot Shoe, X-Sync Socket, Sync-Speed: 1/125 Sec., P-TTL, 
High-Speed-Sync, Wireless-Sync with PENTAX Dedicated 
External Flash
Dust Removal Image Sensor Cleaning Function by Supersonic Vibration (DR II) with 
Dust Alert Function
Time World Time 75 Cities (28 Time Zones)
Data Folder Folder Name Date (100_MMDD···), PENTX (100PENTX, 101PENTX···) ,
File Name Standard, User Customize
Power Sources Rechargeable D-LI90 lithium-Ion Battery
Optional AC Adapter Also Available.
Battery Life Number of  Approx. 800 (23°C) *, Approx. 700 (0°C), Approx. 650 (-10°C)
recordable images
Playback time Approx. 440 Minutes (23°C) *, Approx. 400 Minutes (0°C), Approx. 
380 Minutes (-10°C)
Interfaces USB2.0 (Hi-Speed:mini B type), Video Output (Mini Phone Type), 
HDMI Output (Type C Mini), DC Input , Cable Switch, X-Sync Socket etc.
Video Output Compatible with NTSC and PAL Formats
Lens Mount PENTAX 645AF2 Bayonet Mount
Usable Lens PENTAX 645AF2, 645AF, and 645A Mount Lenses
Dimensions Approx. 156(W) x 117(H) x 119(D)mm (6.1 x 4.6 x 4.7 inches)
Weight Approx. 1480 g (52.2 oz.) Loaded and Ready with Battery and Two SD 
Memory Cards
Approx. 1400 g (49.4 oz.) without battery and SD memory card.
Bundle software PENTAX Digital Camera Utility 4 (Ver.4.20)

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