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Monday, March 20, 2017

Li-Fi - The Future Of Wi-Fi.......

Slow Network signals or data speed is a big challenge for todays digital world. Fast data/ network speed is becoming a big neccessity and Wi-Fi connections are always faster than the cellular hardware  but it depends upon the number of users those using the same Wi-Fi connection. Fast speed WiFi speed may be slow down if there are large number users share a Wi-Fi hotspot then the data speed may slow down drastically.

This proposal has been introduced by a PhD student at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands her name is Joanne Oh. Her idea is to use infrared light to transmit wireless data. Now LiFi is a new word introduced for this Wi-Fi proposal that would use infrared light to transmit data with the lightening speed and it is expected to provide users data download speed upto 40GB/PS approx., which is a good sign and Tech Innovation.  

Still, there are some issues with using this method. Infrared light cannot go through walls like regular Wi-Fi signals. This kind of system would be perfect for home or small businesses purposes under one roof.  At home it may be used with an infrared-based system by having a base antenna in each room of a house. This proposal is tested only for download speeds with infrared technology but on the the other hand the upload speeds are still handled via standard Wi-Fi radio.  This technology completelyrelies on light rays from an optical fiber and  it would not require any power to run it.

This is a good sign of new innovation technology which is going to be introduced to the networking world.  It may be launched soon after some required changes and modifications.  It could be good answer to the slower network speed. So, Wait and watch for it…………

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