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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Hostinko Launches Affordable Servers for Budding Bloggers

On December 10, Hostinko announced theyre Fast and Super-Affordable plans for Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, and Developers to get their Space on The Web. There have been Enormous Reviews and News about Hostinkos Line of Servers as they serve quality with quantity. Hostinko has launched 4-Basic Categories of Plans; They’re Listed Respectively:

1. Mini Hosting - Starts from $0.98

2. Advanced Hosting - Starts from $3.98

3. Ultra Hosting - Starts From $8.38

4. Pro Hosting - Starts from $13.38

These are the finest set of plans available on the web and have helped many Budding Bloggers and Entrepreneurs launch their Blog and Websites respectively . Hostinko has a vision to target common people . So it is releasing its new line up of cheap as hell shared plans for general people of Indiawho want to share their knowledge, views online. We are aiming local mass to get their local business no matter how big as an enterprise or how small as a saloon or spa or a local cafe, we want them to grow and get online. We are also providing free supports and guidance for them and setup their sites as per their criteria so that they can have an online identity and give an active support to Digital India .

Hostinko's C.E.O Mr. Harshpreet Singh Bhasin with the Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Company Mr. Daksh Miglani have been an active part of the blogging industry and have certain sets of  ideas and plan hostinko's near future to make it as user friendly as possible .

They would be in regular tie-ups with other companies to totally digitize a full scale Digital Ecosystem setup where you keep your money in the credit-wallet [ soon to be launched ]and pay for all the website related digital stuff through  Hostinko's digital currency which will be supported by all the tie-up partners Currently Hostinko has tied up with TheOneNetworks which is an online and offline advertisement agency which will help you promote your website through Hostinko's digital currency .

The C.E.O states “Hostinko is very soon planning for a launch event in Delhi where they will introduce the company and all fleet of some new plans coming for the consumers and some new digital 1st Hand innovations which has not been introduced by any hosting company yet.It will be a pure digital hosting ecosystem where you will have one digital currency and you would be able to store that currency online & in addition to that use it anywhere when it comes to web development stuff.”

The re-seller is going to launch a new fleet of latest hardware of dedicated servers too for enterprises to give them mega space for their mega ventures so that they never run out of space .

The company has a vision to become a brand and prove that the capital is not always to success and innovation . The MD says that “as we know no war can be won alone we at Hostinko are a team and work as a team.” The team members are given the same value as the company leaders . To get that straight and simple for the masses and the betterment of the country the advantages based on the consumer is given below :

Advantages :

 Rocket Fast

 Affordable

 Simple

 High Grade Servers With Latest Equipment

 24/7 Support & Assistance

 Highly Secure

 No Cash Dealing = No Black Money

 1 GBPS Data connection for the servers

 1 Click installers

Wrapping up the release we would like to say that Hostinko could be the next big thing you could look up to in the webosphere, its just that we need to back them up with increasing their sales . Also they have some good news for the affiliate marketeers , they can now redeem money at one of the best and one of the lowest minimum payouts which is $10 as the minimum threshhold money . A wrap up message from the team :

“We at Hostinko believe in constant innovation , but to get that innovation straight on the target we would need you to be a part of Hostinkos virtual ecosystem by sending us your suggestions reviews and views on our Email . We would love to hear from you , and remember Hostinko is not just a mere startup but is a store house of innovation.”

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